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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble type of vitamin that is widely known. It has over 300 functions in the human body. This help protect the body against serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer. This is also a vital requirement for collagen formation. Collagen helps repair the cells in the body whenever it a person has cut or injuries.
Vitamin C also gives antioxidant effect in the body and is also needed for the absorption of certain minerals like folic acid and iron. It also helps in protecting the body from other harmful disease causing germs like flu, colds and other common ailments.

Almost every fruit and vegetables contain vitamin C. However, fruits like cranberries and melons have higher Vitamin C content than the others. Hot peppers also belongs to the richest source of this vitamin. However 
since this vitamin is water soluble, its effectiveness is easily lost from its sources like vegetables if cooked and boiled for long time. So, steaming and quick stir frying of the vegetables is more recommended that long boiling or overcooking them to retain the vitamins and minerals inside the food.