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Vitamins and Minerals Overview

As an introduction for this blog, here is a list of the different vitamins and minerals that your body need. This also includes their different sources as well as a simple list about their functions in the body. Your body  mostly consist of these various vitamins as well as the minerals. Some are actually developed inside your system, also others are converted by your body while most are just taken from the food that you eat.

Before we discuss about the different vitamins and minerals, you should also know what are oil based and water based. Oil based vitamins should not be taken purely in huge amounts because they can lead to vitamin toxicity. The reason for this scenario is that oil based vitamins are difficult to excrete in our body. It will take more time to convert and digest them. On the other hand, water based vitamins if taken in huge quantities will not lead to over dosage. From the category itself, this kind of vitamin can easily be excreted out from your body through urine or feces. So, it is best to take in foods that are rich in with different vitamins than to consume them purely unless if you have a recommendation from your physician or nutritionist.